BoomerAngst by Margo Phillips


Margo Phillips was born in Burbank, California on October 3, 1946. Her parents, Dorie Tyler and John Phillips, Jr., married before WWII and were an innocent, handsome couple. Johnny returned from the war still as handsome as ever, but his innocence was gone. He started drinking and staying out all night at local bars. Dorie got pregnant

Margo Phillips
again with her second child, Jay, in 1948. One year later, Johnny’s booze, bars and womanizing were still going strong. Dorie was devastated. She took the kids and got a job as a secretary at Lockheed Aircraft -- half her paycheck was spent on day care. Margo and Jay lucked out --the day care center was also a progressive private school with an inspiring and family-like environment.

Margo Phillips
When Margo was ten, Dorie re-married a simple Norwegian airplane mechanic in order to provide her children with a sense of stability and Leave-It-To-Beaver normalcy. They bought a house in the San Fernando Valley. Margo and her brother spent their summers with their father and the Phillips family’s big, wild Texan clan. The contrast between the two different lifestyles was extreme. Johnny became a very successful building contractor in Orange County when Disneyland opened in the Fifties and there was a huge building boom. Unfortunately, he spent his fortune on Jack Daniels, women, gambling, speedboats, private planes,
and having one hell of a good time.

With working parents, Margo and Jay had lots of free time to explore their creativity. From recording their own radio programs to putting on garage shows and street parades, starting a neighborhood newspaper and secret clubs, building army forts and playing hide-n-seek in the local orange grove-- never a dull moment.

Margo was a cheerleader and almost married her high school boyfriend, but then she went to a Rolling Stones Concert in 1965. The Byrds opened for the Stones and "Mr. Tambourine Man" had just hit the charts. The concert blew her mind. The next day, she found herself at the Byrd’s hotel room, then at Mick Jagger’s hotel room. She hung out with The Byrds for the rest of the summer in Hollywood. That’s when she smoked her first joint (marijuana), lost her virginity and was turned onto all the great blues players who came to play at The Improv-- like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Big Mama Thornton.

Margo Phillips

She dropped out of college, learned all Dylan’s harmonica riffs, joined a band, accidentally landed a recording contract with Columbia Records in 1967, which she walked out on to become a Buddhist for the next 26 years, got another recording contract with Warner Brothers in 1980, married and divorced twice, most of that time spent as a single mom.

By the mid-90’s, the boring routines and daily struggles of the mundane world began to finally take their toll. Margo was losing ground. When she hit bottom, she turned to writing as a form of psychotherapy and ended up with five volumes of an ongoing series in less than a year. Her first volume, "BoomerAngst", introduces the main character, Jamie Willoughby. Jamie is Margo’s voice throughout the series and expresses the tone of the times for a group of eccentric Baby Boomers.

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